Sunday, December 28, 2008

Farewell to the Princeton Installations

Due to the openspace sim pricing change, Princeton University will be letting go of their four OSs that were home to some of the most interesting art installations on the grid and destinations unto themselves. The very act of their creating such places for us to enjoy showed the university's understanding of SL as a medium of incredible expression. It's quite a loss, but as I have said before in previous posts, our world is an ephemeral one with persons and places we care about being liable to disappear at any moment. But, as I told a fellow visitor to one of the installations, "A venue may disappear, but an artist goes on to create anyway..."

AM Radio's "The Quiet" "DynaFleur" by Douglas Story, Desdemona Enfield, Dizzy Banjo & Poid MahovlichPoid Mahovlich's "Triptych" (this and the following photo)
"Liquid Light" by Juria YoshikawaI realized I don't have a good picture for Scope Cleaver, AldoManutio Abruzzo and Poid Mahovlich's "Ludovico's Lament". It was a beautiful installation as well. Support your SL artists now, while you can, as you never know if putting off a visit to see their work might be too late.


Puck A. Goodliffe said...

Thanks, Linden Labs!

desdemona enfield said...

From my perspective, I am deeply grateful that Princeton was willing to host our Dynafleur for almost one year.

We had 11,000 visitors (~ 30 per day), provided many people with a memorable visual experience, received a great deal of publicity and attention for this project, and have since been happily and productively engaged in new and interesting projects.

Thank you, Persis and Princeton for your generosity.