Saturday, August 2, 2008

SL Plurkers Las Vegas Party

There is a thriving community of SL-based folks on Plurk, and some of our European and overseas members (Kitty and Tiernan) threw a Las Vegas themed party inworld, slot machines and everything. Jun was DJing and it was fun seeing everyone (Tenebrous, JellyBean, Rosie, Dakota, and ArminasX) like that...I couldn't stay long at all for the rest of the fun--as RL was calling me--but my showgirl outfit was quite something for the moment I was there! Viva Las Vegas!
Just to give you an example of the fun, crazy things we talk about in Plurk, I started a thread about "If there were SL diseases, what would they be called?" Vint Falken, inspired by it, continued it on her blog HERE...