Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Caledon Wanderings: Mayfair Musings

Greetings! I am now a true resident of Caledon. I do believe I gave the Guvnah a time trying to make a decision between a huge lot in the new Eyre sim, or a smaller one in Mayfair. The new Eyre sim is quite lovely and feels a bit like Tanglewood or Kittiwickshire. I saw one of Mr. Webb's rabbits and the Guvnah said there was a "bit of a rabbit problem", lol. I felt the smaller lot would suit me better as I already have a very large personal estate at Vista del Mar.

After I purchased my new Mayfair lot (at the intersection of Green, Lemon, and Assam) I stood in the center of it almost a little bewildered and a whole lot excited and thought "Oh my, I am a Caledon resident. Oh dear, I am Caledon resident. Oh no...what now?!" I watched the tram pass in front of the property and thought that first, I'd breathe. I'm in Caledon! That means adventures await!

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