Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tiny Wolf Me & Destroy Television Final Night

Yes, it looks like my regular black & gray wolf form shrank into this tiny form that made Thom and Kitty unable to stop laughing. Dominic did what I guess was the equivalent of raising an eyebrow (does he have eyebrows?) before turning into a tiny tophatted version of himself. After I answered the door later, Kitty said, "I thought you were just hiding behind the I know!" Even I couldn't stop laughing, so I decided to share my joy with the rest of the world.

It was the last night of the Destroy Television project last night. I'm in the upper corner in the bottom photo. When Destroy zoomed in on me, I did a flip. You can see the folks in NYC on the screen watching us watching them watch us and so forth and so on. Destroy said that it will be turned into a DVD later. That's pretty exciting.

For you fashionistas: My fantastic dress and top hat is by Forever Tiny

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