Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Eladrienne Laval, SLNN Reporter...

I don't know if I've ever really talked about what it is like to be a reporter in SL before. I am still the finance reporter for slnn.com. This means that I talk to my editor Marvel and come up with ideas or she'll contact me if she has something. I request an interview, preferring "face to face" interviews, as I can also take the photo to accompany the article at the same time. I always ask at the beginning if it is OK for them to be on the record--esp. if I'm interviewing them via IM--as I will copy the conversation into a notecard that I use to edit the story later. It is technically against TOS to copy and release private IM transcripts, so I always ask that to have their permission.

What do I wear? My beat, like in RL, is conservative. Every time I have interviewed the gentlemen in these articles, they have been in their business best so I am too. I have a gray/cream business suit that I wear, as well as a pinstriped, gray-blue conservative dress and pumps. Sure, it might seem silly, but they are taking it seriously by their dress. I should look the part too. I'll admit that I showed up to my most recent interview in formal Victorian dress. He had little time and sent the tp. I had to go immediately and had no time at all to change, and I was on deadline. Luckily, I've interviewed him before, so he found it funny. I try to be fair in my stories, just to tell it like it is. The guys could probably also tell you that I'm rather no-nonsense with them too, and direct in my questioning. No tiptoeing as I'm not scared to go for the jugular.

I really enjoy my job here in SL and find it exciting. If you'd like to read my articles up to now, here are the links:
6/20/07: "Virtual banker buys Second Life new site for about $10,000 U.S."

4/26/07: "Flurry of activity as registration opens for SLCC"

4/19/07: "German TV Star Brings Show to SL"

4/3/07: "Strauss Calls Letter Baseless"

4/3/07: "Drama and Dissension Over the Almighty Dollar"

3/22/07: "Virtual ComEx to Relaunch"

3/18/07: "Shaun Altman Resigns from WSE"

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