Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SL International Spaceflight Museum

I thought I'd check out the International Spaceflight Museum. I'll admit that I love space-related things: rockets, the stars and planets, spaceflights, so I took a TP over to it. I visited the planetarium and really enjoyed looking at the recreations of famous rockets. I even got to ride in one--the Titan--and took a trip into outer space, where I visited the different planets in our solar system. A whole lot of work and time has gone into this. It's well worth the visit.

In my RL, I've been working on a series of artwork based upon space photos, so I just had to have a photo next to the Hubble Telescope.

Saturn's pretty cool, huh? How could anyone ever think that space exploration's irrelevant? If I felt like this in SL, could you imagine what it'd feel like for real?

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