Friday, February 16, 2007

Lupercalia at ROMA

Ave SL Citizens!

Tonight, I went to the final feast and party marking the end of the Lupercalia festival at ROMA. You can roleplay as an ancient Roman citizen or just check out the site as yourself.

Yes, that's me in my toga getting down. I had a great time. Fun folks. The wine was flowing. Togas, robes, and armor were moving to the beat. Someone won a sun chariot in the raffle. It was all a blur as I was doing the "EgyptTwist." Next time I'll remember to wear some sandals. A girl's feet can get worn out in non-period high heels!

Also visit the Capitoline Museum while there too. There was a very interesting exhibit on "Sex in Ancient Rome." Did you know that...wait, you're just going to have to visit it for yourself!

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