Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dresden Gallery in SL

I'll admit that I don't normally pay attention to the LL Showcase in Search, but I was intrigued and thought I'd look and see. In RL I love art museums and have visited the Prado, Louvre, Metropolitan, Vatican Museum, and National Gallery of Art. I can spend hours among the artworks and it makes me really happy. So it made sense that the Dresden Gallery SL would be really interesting to me...I'll admit, I absolutely enjoyed my visit here! It is well laid out and truly has a feel like wandering through a RL one. Why? It is a 1:1 scale re-creation of the Old Masters Gallery of the real one. You can pick up an audiotour if you like and the masterpiece paintings are beautiful, with some available for purchase. When you click on the paintings a notecard comes up for you, but I really really wish that they had put the piece's name and artist in the description so that when you hover over it you know and can choose to take the notecard if you wish. Other than that, I had a very nice time there. I love when there are things like this in SL. I might not make it to Germany to see it in person, but we can see them in here! If you'd like to go visit it for yourself, go HERE.

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