Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bone Sewer Mama Cree

Salut chers! I have continued to maintain my little shotgun house and cemetery tomb in Taloo because I still believed it was a beautiful unique community that I still wanted to be a part of somehow. I know that I have not been there as much as I used to as so many of my close circle of friends had left. As a community, it is undergoing a bit of change and transition itself as Mama Cree is turning it over to Gabi (Gabrielle Riel). It should be interesting to see what she does with it. I think I should stop in more often. It was nice talking to Mama Cree the other night and I'd like to thank her for creating a lovely community. She said she'd like to go back to focusing more on building and creating as that's what she loves.

Oh, here's a hint for y'all...I've always had a speakeasy there that's actually open to everyone if they have their Gens de New Toulouse tag on and can find it. Enjoy.

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