Monday, August 13, 2007

TWO SL Blogs? Are Ya Crazy?

Someone once asked me, "Why two SL blogs?" Easy...This one was actually the first, older one that I've been keeping since I started SL and I really like to write. Doing a posting doesn't take forever, you know. In this blog, elinsl, it's a more general one. Relaxed rules. I cuss. I wear jeans and show more skin. Sometimes I have photos that just aren't right for the other. I work out and through things in this one. It's the equivalent of my true SL diary and I'm not as...polite.

In my Caledon one...I am Miss Eladrienne Laval. Still me personality-wise, but more polite. While Caledon isn't necessarily RP, certain "rules" do apply more or less and the "voice" of that blog is different. You won't find a photo of me laid out on the ground with a shot of whisky in my hand on that one (maybe). I spend a lot of time there and found that I wanted the split so that it was very clear.

So, ta-da, that's it and that's why.

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Zoe Connolly said...

Imagine the reactions when I say I have 9, including Twitter. Although with Twitter I regard it as a tool that enhances the other blogs.