Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Return to Vista del Mar

I went to my home Vista del Mar for the first time in a week or so since the "troubles" began.

There is something nice about having a home to go to in SL. I realized I had missed seeing it and its familiarity had a comforting feeling to it. I've been bouncing around in Caledon, using the carriage house in Mayfair as my temporary home as Vista's sim had been horrible to come into and start off from lately. When I switched my home location to Caledon, I didn't have as many problems for some reason.

It was nice to see my bunny Lag again, the artwork on the wall, my shields and Spartan helm, the teahouse, and all of my souvenirs from my explorations within SL. I forgot that I had hung a great photo that Gryffin had taken of me ("Madame Electricidad") for the Steampunk contest.'s good to be home again.

Also, um, I hate the new comm window set-up. Arrgh. *smacks forehead*

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