Sunday, March 25, 2007

Caledon Wanderings: Victoria City & Caledon Highlands

I used to love classic Victorian novels, so when I found Caledon, I knew I'd like it. Caledon is composed of more than 14 linked sims, all with the theme of 19th c. Victorian life. I love visiting here, and thought I'd make a dress just to do so! The house behind me reminds me of so many of the houses that are in my RL home. Tonight I was in Victoria City, which is one of the main sims of Caledon.

While strolling through Caledon Highlands, I came across a very well-dressed and top hatted dragon named Mr. Dominic Webb trying to herd a lot of bunnies. An inventor, he owns the Webb Workshop, where he comes up with various projects and contraptions. I ended up spending time with him as he tinkered with their scripting so that they'd hop better and not try to drown themselves in the nearby lake! Mr. Webb explained that the bunnies were for Easter sales, so if you're in Caledon, look out for them soon!

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