Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pueblo Ingles: Valdelavilla, Spain

Here I am at the sim for the real life Pueblo Ingles program.

They have recreated the village of Valdelavilla, Spain, which is one of the locations for their real life English immersion program for Spanish business executives and doctors. They also have a popular teen program as well. I did this program in real life and knowing what Valdelavilla looks like, it's pretty good! I did the one in La Alberca, in western Spain near Salamanca. Essentially, "Anglos" (English speakers from places such as the US, UK, Ireland, Australia & Canada) speak English with Spaniards to help them become more comfortable hearing and speaking it. You spend 24 hours a day with each other for almost a week. I had a great time while there and made some really great friends.

The sim for Pueblos Ingles in English-only, as the sim is the SL version of the program. I can't wait to go back to Spain again, both in real life and in SL!


Anonymous said...

Pueblo Ingles is a sham they expect you to work 24 hrs a day and there too much drinking among everyone,

Eladrienne Laval said...

Sorry...I disagree. Wasn't a sham at all.

I had a fantastic time while there 3 years ago. I had a good group and made a lot of good friends that I still keep in touch with. I came there knowing I was there to "work", but I had a helluva lot of fun doing so. And if I had a few cuba libres along with everyone, then oh well!

It's what you make of it and I made the most of it!

Rose said...

Did you really wear that dress in the village???

I attended the program in May of 2007 and had a wonderful experience!

Sidra said...

Actually it's a computerized picture :)

I found this blog through Google-I am really interested in Pueblo Ingles but I'm only 25 and I'm afraid I might not have enough 'life experience' to meet their requirements :( Can you tell me the average age range at PI?

Eladrienne Laval said...

In my group, the youngest was 21 and the oldest was a couple in their 70s. Everybody's got a story, you know? To me it was a good way to find out about Spanish life firsthand and really be able to talk about Spanish culture. As long as you enjoy talking to other folks, you'll be fine.