Monday, June 8, 2009

Thinking Out Loud...

I have been very busy inworld lately, between some building projects and trying to work on some new things for the shops. I have been more low-key lately in general, as I mainly just want to create and be with close friends that I care about. I'm still quite active in Steelhead and I love participating in the community there.

I've been busy in RL as well, between travel, RL writing and art projects, and spending time with my family. I also think I must have lost my mind as I will be taking the Foreign Service Officer Exam in two days, which is like...well, Jeopardy! with its almost quiz show-like questions, which to me--you either know or you don't. You can prep for it, but I don't think you can truly "study" for it. All of these pressing things on my RL time have been making me think again about what I want from my SL.

You know, I'm usually pretty positive. However, I often see how we treat one another while in SL, which is often in unnecessarily ugly and/or hurtful ways. I don't know if it's the relative anonymity of it all or what, but insecurities, egos, hurts and misunderstandings seem to be even more amplified in here. I often find myself thinking after reading about or even experiencing something: "For what? Why does it matter so damn much? Why do/should I even care?" I came to a simple conclusion: I can't. I often feel...tired.

Our SL is what we make of it and our purposes within it varied. All I know is I just wish to be happy while there, otherwise, why bother? I'm no angel, by any means, but I want my own SL to be a bit closer to heaven than hell. You can't change others, but you can change how you deal with it.

Just thinking out loud.

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radar said...

You're describing a lot of why SL will never be relevant for the masses. It's a closed garden of people who want to be anonymous so they can play all kinds of silly games and other stupidities.

It'll be a great niche virtual world, and obviously most of the people in SL now are ok with that at least for now, but mass adopted virtual worlds will be different, IMO. They'll be ourselves, but in a virtual environment.

Maybe I'm wrong. But I am tired of all the 40 year olds who can't handle reality in their SL.