Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8 Things About Elle--the AV Version

Jenn Heinrichs of the Best of Second Life group tagged me for the 8 items meme (thanks darlin'...glad you enjoy the blog!) I've answered this in my "Stroll" blog HERE, so I won't go through the tagging others part since I've already threatened--I mean, convinced--them to do so. So, here in elinsl, I'll do an "Eladrienne"/SL version of it!

1. My AV's middle name is "Melinde". My RL nickname really is Elle.

2. I once got into an argument in SL in Spanish and, while passable, I am not quite fluent in it...I may have been calling him a "purple deer-eating bowl of hairclips" for all that I know!

3. My favorite architect is Santiago Calatrava. There's an "airiness" to his work that I love and SL seems like such a great medium to recreate or create builds inspired by his.

4. I miss my RL sister Baube Laval. She does not come into SL as much anymore. *frowns*

5. I like my men w/dark hair. Ooo. And red-brown. Light brown works too. And white hair! Ooo! Oh, forget it...I'm hopeless.

6. I have always wanted to be blue or a glowing ball of light as an AV. I like dark elves/drow too. And I love being a tiny.

7. I have a male shape that I use for my fashion design fitting purposes. No, I do not feel myself up. *rolls eyes*

8. I really enjoy art exhibits and talking to artists. Builders and scripters intrigue me and I always learn new things. I am always in awe of the creativity that I find here in SL and look forward to more.


Gryffin Hax Jr. said...

Funny you should mention Calatrava. He's the architect on an exciting new building in Chicago (my hometown) that is currently being referred to as "The Spire".


Eladrienne Laval said...

As I said, I LOVE Calatrava's work. It only makes sense that he should have something in Chicago, which to me has some of the finest architecture in the world.