Sunday, May 10, 2015

Atlas Obscura Positive Article About Second Life

The folks over at Atlas Obscura wrote a really great piece on Second Life called "Forgotten Wonders of the Digital World: Second Life."

Their reporter was teamed with a resident who took him on a tour of some of the most creative and wondrous sims in SL, including AM Radio's "The Far Away" (above). I remember when he first created it and it was so sensational because it was an example of how SL was more than the negative hype attributed to it.

I know SL as a place filled with creatives (me included) whose visions they share with the rest of us. I think about the "old" SL back in the day with the clubs and gambling and escorts and such, but that was just a piece of it. Just like in RL, there are other aspects. Even back then (and I'm talking 2007-8) there were folks building and creating artistic things. I know building was the very first thing I did in SL once I escaped the welcome area. I went straight to a sandbox and started playing with prims.

I really do thank them for writing such a positive piece about our world.

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