Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Tier is Too Damn High

It was crazy. Just as I had started really getting into fantasy roleplay in SL, both of the communities that I was involved in--Estara and Mystara--closed! I feel like a jinx or something.

For both, the high tier rates were cited as the major factor behind the closures. I still marvel at the fact that in 2015 they are still expensive. One of the things that could possibly attract people to sim ownership is accessibility price-wise. But I suppose if you can make a killing gouging folks, why change your model?

I know I have always wanted my own sim: to create, show folks something wonderful for them to enjoy. The price was and is so prohibitive. For some folks, just making their regular tier is a struggle, but so many are like me...wanting the space to create and thrive inworld.

Hopefully more communities won't be lost or displaced because the rent is too damn high.

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