Saturday, May 24, 2008

Take to the Skies

Phin is a SL aviation enthusiast and a very good pilot, so for his Rez Day I gifted him with two planes. The nice thing is that they are both two-seaters so I was able to go along for the ride! We headed to Second Skies and took to the air...This one is my fave...the B24 Liberator bomber. Four engines and great sound effects made it a lot of fun. I'm the nose gunner...
I had way too much fun as Phin expertly took us up and over the sim of Extropia Core nearby...
Here we are with a dramatic takeoff in the F94 Starfire jet...Whoo!!!!
All three handled very well, with no hiccups or crashes or triple-0 limbo incidents. They all handled sim crossings very well too. I had a great time.

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